Fans get the whole story. We show the entire tour as teams battle their way to the Grand Slams.
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Where is this tour that you speak of ?
Where is this tour that you speak of?

We Believe Developing Teams & Tour Events Need Better Coverage Presently major broadcasters showcase "arena" curling, but that only covers a small portion of all the amazing curling that is played each year. The rest of the tour happens in your local curling clubs, where the same teams you see at the Brier, Scotties, Grand Slams and World Championships play against some of the World's best developing teams and future stars.
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Pilot A New
Online Series
For Curling
Pilot A New
Online Series
For Curling

In 2020 piloted the redevelopment and production of broadcasts for the Stu Sells Cup, a new points series with 6 Tour events. We were able to do some unique things by combining the events together and we broadcast the series online with our own professional cameras and crew. Although COVID-19 prevented us from completing the series, the first two events had amazing results.


Unique Views


Total Online Impressions

It's Easier To Promote The League
Than It Is To Promote One Team

We believe we can empower curlers by providing new branding opportunities in the sport of curling. is committed to working directly with our tour sponsors and events to facilitate major deals that benefit players. Curlers that participate in Tour events not only get international broadcast exposure but they also get assistance directly from our team to find new revenue opportunities.

Brand Your Teams & Manage Your Season

It's all about
growing the game is the future home of all curling. Whether you're a tour champion, club curler or fan, you can submit your teams and events to be displayed beautifully to the curling world. Everything we do is designed to move the sport forward and present the game in the brightest light possible.

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Directly Collect Your Winnings

Once you’ve created your first team you can register for WCF tour events and get paid your winnings directly to your bank account, making it easier to manage your season.

Add Your Teams & Register For Events

Set up your teams, create sponsors, sell commercials, add social links, team info and images, all which get placed directly into your streamed games and profile calendar!

Track Your Stats

Replay live games, review line scores, and get the edge on your opponents with our new next generation stats packages. Our stats also include streaming info and demographics sanctioned by the WCF.

Customize Your Team & Upload Sponsors

Sell advertising time to your sponsors, with our software that puts logos directly into the livestream of your games!

End Goals

Outfit Virtual Stadiums

Curling clubs become “Virtual Stadiums” that are outfitted with camera equipment and rigged with dedicated high speed internet to record the broadcast of our featured sheets. Multiple games can be broadcast at once allowing fans to choose their favourite game to watch. Our target clubs are the most common curling clubs on the tour that host either multiple events each year or a significant annual event that has national attention.

Increase Fan Engagement

Finding curling to watch online can be a challenge, but our platform makes following your favorite teams simple. Follow live linescores of any event and get direct links to any broadcast sheets. We have a vision of utilizing live streaming to grow the game and connecting fans to developing teams like never before. Finally you can watch each amazing moment that happens on the tour and meet developing teams before they reach the Grand Slams and World Championships.

Create New Revenue Opportunities

The livestream component of our platform allows for new and exciting ways to represent sponsors! 2020 was a challenging year for curling clubs, COVID made it extremely difficult to open. Our hope is that teams and clubs that place sponsor logos on screen and roll advertisements between ends can benefit from our broadcasts to develop new revenue streams. Our livestream software is designed specifically for curling events and can be managed for free by teams and events.

Live Broadcast Your Games & Events

You run the event
we bring the cameras

We are focussed on keeping costs down for event organizers and curling clubs. We provide multiple sheets of professional broadcast quality camera equipment to stream many games at the same time in a way that meets the requirements of national broadcasters.

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Keep 100% of Your Revenue

We have our own sponsors. If helps your event earn additional sponsorship and revenue for the club, we think you should keep it.

Sell Sponsorship & Commercials

We provide the opportunity for your club to sell 30 second commercials, and place brands on screen during the broadcast.

Hands Free Setup

Our crew takes care of installing the gear in time for your event to run safely and smoothly, or purchase equipment directly to have access year round!

Curling Livestream

We push and promote the livestream around the world so teams, parents, coaches and fans can watch from anywhere.

Next Generation Analytics

One of our largest initiatives is developing the world's most detailed analytics and statistics for the sport. We are collaborating with teams on new ways to track performance. Our proprietary software will be the largest stats engine the sport has ever seen.

In addition to performance statistics, our curling software gathers viewership numbers, and demographics from live games, and events you've played in. Our mission is to help teams use this data to attract support for their future development.

  Curling LIVE is the platform we use that allows teams to capture viewership analytics and monetize the exposure we are able to generate. I am excited about the future of curling and believe we can engage fans, events, sponsors and athletes in one place to grow the sport with live streaming.

Brendan Bottcher

Skip, Team Canada

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Our existing partners run some of the worlds most respected tour events. Register for the Stu Sells Series today by adding your team to Curling LIVE!

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Watch the entire Tour this season from anywhere and help grow the sport to the next level. Together we can reach our goal of developing a profitable curling tour for athletes, and a professional broadcast for fans and events.

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